Short Film Yard Sale Garry MacLean Composer 2019    
Short Film Northern Nightingale Natasha Soper Composer 2019    
Short Film I am Rare Heidi Middlebrough Composer 2018    
Short Film Raising Stars Mechtild Reinders Composer 2017    
TV When Paintings Come Alive Ginette Taylor Composer 2016    
Short Film The Prize Barb Briggs Composer 2016    
Corporate Music Makers Charlotte Minards Composer 2015    
Radio BBC Radio 4 Radio Trail Music Paul Arnold Composer 2015    
Web Site Total Choir Resources Victoria Hopkins Composer 2015    
Short Film Warwick Rowers Damian Rea Composer 2014    
Short Film Dear May Lewis Thompson Composer 2014    
Short Film Ave Maria Basil Khalil Composer 2014    
Commercials Lays Crisps Joe De Ornelas Composer 2014    
Corporate Swing For Good   Composer 2013    
Commercials Wild Bean Cafe   Composer 2013    
Music Video Life on The Streets Joe Chambers Composer 2013    
Corporate Christie Research Film Garry Paton Composer 2013    
Corporate Christie Cancer hospital Charity Film Garry Paton Composer 2012    
Short Film Lyla   Composer 2012    
TV London Isn't Waiting (TV series Pilot)   Composer 2012    
Corporate Doha Airport   Composer 2012    
Corporate Manchester Pride Film 2012   Composer 2012    
Corporate Blue September   Composer 2012    
Feature Film Brash Young Turks Naeem Mahmood Composer of additional music 2012    
Commercials Tequila   Composer 2011    
Commercials Hasselblad Cameras   Composer 2011    
Documentary Wageningen   Composer 2011    
Short Film Grave Matter   Composer 2010    
TV Memoirs of an Alien Sitcom   Composer 2010    
Corporate The Urology Foundation   Composer 2010    
Feature Film Tender Rage   Composer 2010    
Short Film Beyond The River   Composer 2010    
Short Film Two People in a Room   Composer 2010    
Short Film The Cyclist   Composer 2010    
Short Film According to Me (Cannes Film Festival 2009)   Composer 2009    
Documentary Forget Me Not Children's Charity   Composer 2009    
Short Film Seams   Composer 2009    
Theatre Dark Matter   Composer 2009    
Short Film After Midnight (Cannes film festival 2009)   Composer 2009    
Short Film ...Like Daughter   Composer 2009    
Short Film Under The Tracks   Composer 2009    
Short Film Ryoku Salvation   Composer 2009    
Short Film Alice in Wonderland   Composer 2009    
Short Film Xmas Eve   Composer 2009    
Documentary Chasing Pavements   Composer 2009    
Short Film Brennan's Sacrament   Composer 2009    
Video Game Secret Dancer   Composer 2009    
Animation Keith   Composer 2008    
Short Film Left Behind   Composer 2008    
TV POPS   Composer 2008    
Web site Kandide and the Secret of the Mysts   Composer 2008    
Short Film Morocco   Composer 2008    
Commercials GHD Hair Straighteners   Composer 2007    
Commercials Tropicana Oranges commercial   Composer 2007    
Radio Gaydio Incidental Radio Adverts Music   Composer 2007    
Short Film Rebel   Composer 2007    
Short Film Tina   Composer 2007    
Animation The Blue Jackal Cartoon   Composer 2006    
Documentary Zabbaleen   Composer 2006    
Short Film Guardian (Horror Film)   Composer 2005    
Short Film Stanley's Housewives   Composer 2005    
Short Film The Passenger (Horror Film)   Composer 2005    
TV A Day In The Life Of Jethro   Composer 2005    
TV Channel Identity Music & Stings   Composer 2005    
Corporate Trusted not Verified   Composer 2004    
Video Wheel Chair Skills   Composer 2003    
Corporate Open University Training Video   Composer 2002    
Corporate The Pearl Project   Composer 2002    
Theatre Land of Hope Land of Tears   Composer & Producer 2002    
Short Film Joanna   Composer 2001    
Documentary Girl Interrupted   Composer 2000    
Corporate Salford University Graduation Ceremonies   Ceremony Fanfare Composer 1999    
Short Film Killing Happy   Composer 1999    
Corporate Friends For Leisure Charity Video   Composer 1998